Friday, August 26, 2011

Pet me.

I was just thinking how the need to be liked is behind every action for me. It's quite ridiculous. But I don't know any other way to be. I suppose this latest blog theme (the gratefulness) is an attempt to make known that I like you, too. All of you,  even if you're:

  • This weather. Dryer, cooler, temperate. I love you. Please stay.
  • The smell of Westnedge Creek, noted while running past all kinds of somewhat icky smells (dead animals? asphalt?)
  • My new husband. The same man I've been married to for almost 18 years, who turned back into the man I married.
  • Any time I can spend in the garden. Even if it's just pulling out clover.
  • Hmmm. This is interesting. My notebook says, "Work success and foreigners". I have no idea what that means any more.
  • More work success. THE big-ass project I've been working finally came to fruition, and it was good.
  • And therefore, they sent me flowers the following day.
  • Talented ladies. You know who you are. Well, somehow I've surrounded myself with them, so maybe you don't. But if you can sing, play guitar, paint, crochet, knit, run an agency, get out of bed in the morning, etc., I have the utmost respect for you.
  • Graduation from the surgeon. I saw the surgeon who removed my thyroid last week. He answered my questions, and graduated me. Goodbye, Dr. Surgery Robot! I will actually kind of miss him. But not enough to grow my thyroid back, if you follow me.
  • I am an artsy-fartsy weirdo who at least doesn't walk a pot-bellied pig down the street. Thank you, kind co-workers, for sharing those impressions.
  • And finally, mowing the lawn while thunder booms in the distance. Summer. Green clippings. Lovely.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

And yet, it was the best week in recent memory.

Slapping Hostess texted to apologize. As I suspected, she was just worked up and I was in the wrong place. I'm sure there's something deeper going on there (I am really bad about staying in contact....), but I encourage her to use her words, and not her hands.

So, now grateful for two awesome days at work, an evening at the beach (finally!), seeing old friends Tim and Tracy, and stone fruits. I just got back from the farmer's market with extra nectarines for our annual back-to-school clothes shopping extravaganza. And a thunderstorm, to make it all cozy.

My plan for the afternoon is to can some peaches to gift on our upcoming trip to New Orleans. For some reason, I am afraid to buy the bourbon. I've never bought it before. It seems kind of against the rules or something. I also need vanilla beans, which are not easy to find.

Why the Buddha, bear and rock? Why not? Who knows what other treasures are buried in your yard?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grateful this doesn't happen every day?

Unfortunate weekend. Kelly's bike seat was mangled while she left it chained up outside, mean things were said at a party, and then the party ended with me getting slapped by the drunk hostess. I don't really think these things were related, but the moon was waxing the whole time. The Slapping Hostess has taught me many lessons in my recent life, although this is the first time she's slapped me. I'm just trying to figure out what is the lesson this time.

Option 1: Whisky makes people mean. Move away when you aren't having fun anymore.
Option 2: There is very little fun available after midnight. It's best to just go home.
Option 3: Or, a social life that involves hanging out with very very drunk people after midnight will get you in trouble eventually. Move away.

I note that "moving away" is the theme here. It is one of my favorite things to do. Effective. I don't really think that "confronting" Slapping Hostess would be useful at all, as she's just a messenger, in the larger picture. I am old enough to go to choose the parties that don't involve standing around holding a can of beer. I have been trying to avoid some of these people since high school. It's time to make it stick, I suppose.

I think Kelly will get her bike seat fixed. Mean things - well, it happens. Time to broadcast nice things for a while. And I'm okay. I know what to do. Thanks for listening.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Good news!

I can't even keep up with the gratefulness. The bad news is that I'm wasting a lot of time on the computer nonetheless. not writing about any of these topics. But here's a catch up list of what I've noted.

30. Cars
31. Co-workers
32. Cell phones
33. Air conditioning
34. Espresso shake
35. Dance party
36. Pool party
37. Vacation is booked. NOLA!
38. Bras.
39. Sunrise on the dry cleaner
40. Forgiveness for stupidity
41. Passive aggression
42. Over the Edge nail color by Essie
43. Art

44. Photo peace. I say this because I was wearing my new-ish red skirt today, and got a compliment from a co-worker about how I always "look nice" and have a "retro" style. As is the female way, I tried to accept and deflect this compliment by making lots of excuses about trying to rotate all my clothes, or that my grandma used to sew so I became obsessed at that point, or something. But when I really analyze it, I think it's because of the Wardrobe Remix group on flickr.

I just watched for a while. Also, keep in mind the group was not 17,000 strong yet! But I started taking self-portraits with the timer on my camera. Then I posted a few. I really wasn't one of the favorites, but I learned to use the camera as a mirror and it served me well in the long run. Especially because prior to digital or self portraiture, all photos of me were awkward and uncomfortable. Now, I am much more relaxed. It's not just because you can delete them, but it really doesn't bother me like it did as a teenager, or a young woman.

So shoot me! I don't care. I like to wear red, black, and striped things. My hair looks better up. I don't have to smile.