Saturday, April 28, 2012

Status post-status update

I love the word status. It sounds kind of medical, and military, and statistical all at the same time. I just thought I'd fill you in on some projects, before I start some new ones.

Walking toe-heel has fallen by the wayside. It is sad. I tried it for a minute while hustling down the mall to dinner the other night, and caught a glance in a store window, and I just looked uncertain and clueless. I'll try it some more. I still think it's a good idea to do on the way to dance, but I always forget on my rush to class.

And speaking of dance, I am performing tomorrow in a trio at a hafla. The good news is, I'm feeling pretty confident about the choreography / music choice. I would like to be a little more excited about the costuming, but it is a trio and the other two didn't seem as inspired as I was by the Balinese gamelan parts of the music we chose. If someone captures video, I'll post it. I don't know who will do that, however, because even Richard is not attending. I'll be performing to acquaintances and strangers.

The running has been going pretty well, despite the slight frustration of not being able to run today due to weather. (Yes, I know the weather of cold, rain, etc. is not real barrier, but why make it unpleasant when I can do it tomorrow it is also forecast to be cold and raining, but the forecast could be wrong?) The 5k I am running is next Sunday. I hope to finish feeling good. If they weren't so good at timing, I wouldn't even look at my time, but I feel it may be unavoidable.

And my oldest project of gratefulness is going pretty well, also. It really does help put things in perspective. Right now I'm loving the napping husband and cat in my living room, under the gorgeous quilt his aunt made.

So, if we end the story now, it has a happy end. Everyone coo. But I want more! So here we go again. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bucket of perfection

Weeks ago, Fashionably Late Sarah posted a blog about her bucket list (it was so long ago, it was about skiing). Oooh, ooh, I'ma gonna write one too, I commented.

Crickets. Because it's almost summer now. (Well, I exaggerate, because that's what I do.)

I have been doodling in my little Moleskine. So, it's not entirely fatal, but I've basically been stalling on stuff because it's not going to fall out of my mouth like a perfect molar. And it's driving me crazy.

In the mean time, I could have either 1) kicked the bucket, without any of these things ever happening, or 2) filled all the buckets, and have to start over again on my list. So I'm just going to spit it out.

Here is a random picture, so this blog doesn't look so boring:
Ha ha, Eccentric Day.

Bucket 1: Attend a black-tie event in a fancy dress. Technically, I have already done this. But I was 28 years old, wearing the cheapest plain black dress I could find, I had a terrible haircut, and it was for the opening of the public library. The pictures reveal that I was actually 58 at the time. I need a re-do.

Bucket 2: Sing opera. Why not? I know this is not a one of those one-day processes and then you can check it off the list. It's a career, based on a talent I probably don't possess. In fact, I probably should have started in high school. But maybe I won't be able to dance someday and I'll need a new hobby and then I can take voice lessons.

Bucket 3: Travel. On the short list: Beirut. Australia, in general. A Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg tour. Japan. Egypt. Switzerland. Turkey and Morocco. Spain. Venezuela. Portland, Oregon. I am renewing my passport next week, obviously.

Bucket 4: Ride a horse. Without screaming.

Bucket 5: See a cabaret show in Paris. Whatever is hot. It also means I get to go back to Paris, yay!

Bucket 6: Believe in love. I would say "again", but I don't think I ever did.

Bucket 7: A minor scandal. I'm probably already a little scandalous (the belly-dancing health care improvement coordinator, oh my!) but maybe a little something where, at the black-tie party for the Moulin Rouge, it is discovered that I rode a horse through the Netherlands with John Cusack in a showgirl headdress or something. I guess you guys could make something up for me.

Pretty shallow bucket list, eh? Well, you can drown in an inch of water.