Tuesday, February 24, 2015

History repeats itself.

Well, either I am losing my mind or facing reality. I've decided to try running again.

This may be a bad idea because:

  • Injuries occurred last time
  • I am not particularly talented at running
  • My reasons are impure and vain (appearance and the opinions of near-total strangers).

But it's a good idea because:

  • There's something about running.
  • I could sign up for the Color Run, which sounds more fun than the ol' local 5k. I could even train for a 10k. I could train for a 0.1k, it matters not.
  • I can implement my own running plan this time
  • When I was running regularly, I was healthy and calm. I want to go back there. 

I've already done 3 run/walk Saturdays in the snow. And you know, it wasn't as bad as I remember. I think this is partially because I've turned off the (internalized, perfectionistic, personal) pressure so much (my only current expectation is to try to run / walk two miles or so, and there's no event that I'm getting ready for.) I'm using my own running plan (must have music, a word to focus on, no long distances or groups of runners) as outlined in my February 2012 post (yes, that was 3 years ago).

I sound like I am talking myself into it. But I've already started. And I can stop any time (another "rule" to my rule-free plan), for any reason, including injury, weather, boredom, heat wave, or hot man alert.

Would you like to join me?