Sunday, September 11, 2011

Consider forgiveness?

I was pleasantly surprised that the facebook friends on my list weren't too 9/11 today. I wasn't sure if I could handle 100 posts of remembrance. That sounds so petty. Yes, I am aware it's not about me. But it really just feels like it's time to move on.

And that doesn't mean "forget". Oh, the NEVER FORGET! Who is really going to forget? It seems like the sentence is incomplete, and the complete sentence they want is, "Never forget to hate the other!" I think it's unfinished because many aren't going to agree with that statement.

Who is the Other, anyway? Just as it would be stupid to blame an entire religion (not even by sect, because then we'd have to study it and try to understand), we cannot name the other because then the whole thing falls apart.

So, I quit agreeing. It's time to forgive. And possibly even forget. Not because any one's life is worth nothing, or worth more than a certain other person's life, but because in this instance, the forget implies not holding the grudge.

Yes, I was hurt and shocked and scared and amazed that day. But from my own life, and observation, I have seen how holding the grudge hurts more. So I am dropping it. Won't you join me? Do you really agree to Never Stop Hating the Other for What They Did To Us?