Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Master of the Obvious strikes again!

The Universe has a tractor and it's coming to tow us all away. But wait, we're already on board! We don't even have to do anything. The Universe is us!

(Do Dah Parade this year. I think this was the Nature Center's float.)

So, I thought I had this brilliant new idea. I would list out all the options for a problem, and then make a column for Truth and Love. I could then rank the options and pick the best option.

For example, Should I go to the Class Reunion?

Option 1: Do not go.
Truth: Sure!
Love: No. What if there's someone you want to see there?

Option 2: Go, but keep your guard up. Those bitches will cut ya!
Truth: No, probably not. They're 42 years old now, and presumably slightly more mature. 
Love: No.

Option 3: Go, and keep your expectations realistic.
Truth: Yes! 
Love: Yes!

Awesome, right? And even though my original point was going to be that had I just read a few more Buddha quotes on Pinterest I would have already known this, there IS something very powerful about writing it out. I honestly didn't know that it would be okay until I grasped for a lame example and wrote it out. It's going to be okay. The Universe is here. The Universe is us.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Truth will ___________

Ruin Your Life as You Know It: Well, let's hope so. I want to try it anyway. Because there's no rebirth without death, right? No assumptions without words. No cake without ice cream. Well, I guess there's cake without ice cream, but not without frosting? Or not a great cake, anyway.

Just Piss Everyone Off: Entirely possible. I used to believe this was the worst thing that could happen. Because then people might not like me, and that would have killed me. Having been slapped, and fired, and all of the other seemingly stupid things that have happened to me in the last 5 years may have prepared me for the possibility. There's only one way to find out!

Not Necessarily Be a Means to an End: Or, The Truth may not be the Truth. I think this is what irritated me for so long. Because somehow I thought The Truth was not down with social niceties, and I love social niceties. It's so nice to see you, etc. etc. Flirting, for the love of God. I still believe these things make life fun and the world spin.

But I eventually figured out the opposite of the Truth was not Bad or even Lies but Denial. And Denial is not doing me any favors. I also eventually realized the Voice I was rambling about at New Year's or so is actually the Truth! It was seriously a breakthrough in the clouds. OH! I get it.

But do I get it? Let's see. I know this is all very conceptual. But here goes. Let's apply a concept and see what happens. Let's tell ourselves the truth.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Heat Wave

When it was so hot, I moved very slowly. It made everything kind of dreamy, and I was dreaming of those who live in the hot temperatures all the time, and how it would be easier if my life were structured for heat. It's funny, right now I can't even remember why we were in such a panic. But you'd just be sitting there, warm, and realize I'm so sweaty and I can't cool down! And then you'd get that panic hot, the kind that I dream can kill you.

But it's over now, I keep telling myself. Is it? Now it is. Relax. Remember the lessons.

Lesson 1: It's okay to be hot. This is very obnoxious of me to state, because I generally have resources. I can go in the house (blinds were pulled, doors and windows closed until evening, because we don't have the luxury of central air). I can open the refrigerator and get a cool drink. I can drive somewhere in my car, maybe even drive to a place with air conditioning. Lots of resources.

Lesson 2: A hangover in extreme heat is quite awful. Lay off the sauce.

Lesson 3: You are afraid to be with yourself sometimes, and that's part of the heat panic. It's true. But I quit. I'm planning to make friends with myself. I can do things by myself, and I am good company. So far, I have gone to the bar by myself, and driven to the beach by myself. I need to assign myself some other tasks (like maybe start a home project by myself?) before I can call myself independent. If you think of any, please let me know. I'm quite serious.

Lesson 4: But the best part is still when the heat subsides and you're still standing.

Sadly, I did not sweat away any pounds.