Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manual labor = good times?

Manual labor = good times?, originally uploaded by wizzybit.

I've been thinking about the "shame" of not having a knowledge worker position at this time, when the New York Times published this article ( in the Magazine last Sunday. Although my job isn't quite as cool as fixing vintage motorcycles, I do feel pretty much the same way. It's hard to look for a "straight" job right now, because I don't even want to do it.

But I'm turning around. Janel said I was a pessimist today. I've never wanted to be seen that way, so it's time to get in gear and be the optimistic idiot that I really am. Why wouldn't I be able to make a living gardening? There's as much work as there is time and space. What was I going to do with more stuff? I love to travel! Money is for eating. There is no such thing as security, anyway.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Looking down the mountain

Looking down the mountain, originally uploaded by wizzybit.

I'm back from two different trips, the only ones I had planned this summer. This is a scenic overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Very gorgeous, but not my scene. I felt unbalanced there, and the actual wave of relief that came over me when as we drove back into the midwest flat lands was unexpected, but pleasant.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Why, indeed.

Why, indeed., originally uploaded by wizzybit.

A picture I took at my former employer's parking ramp, back in December 2008. I would have added the question mark, if I'd had spray paint with me.

I'm ashamed to admit, I kind of finished smashing my old Canon point and shoot today. It was somewhat satisfying, but now I'm without a reliable camera to carry with me. I had dropped it on the stairs, trying to get a picture of Blueberry the cat, back in the day. The bottom kind of popped out, so you had to hold it together while taking pictures, to make sure the batteries were engaged. I tried to take pictures last night, but it was too frustrating. I tried some more today, and was equally annoyed, and then the smashing began. Against the dining room table, nothing too dramatic. But it's dead now.