Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Revolution revelations

I've just returned from Tribal Revolution with a new idol and attitude. I learned a lot. I loved a lot! I now mangle sentences and cliches just trying to relay how much I freaking loved it.

Lesson 1. I drove to Chicago (well, past Chicago) by myself for the first time since the early 00s. Now, we have the benefit of GPS, but I was proud of myself nonetheless. I do not want to get stuck in one place.

Idol 1: Rachel Brice Serpentine Scales was my first workshop. First of all, she's adorable and an amazing dancer. Is it fair that she's also hilarious and smart? No, but that's how the world works, sisters, so get up offa that wall. There were a lot of amazing concepts to absorb, from the 90 / 90 principle (practice something 90x a day for 90 days and it's yours forever) and the whole idea of playing your dancing "scales" on a regular basis, to her cool and unusual footwork and drills. Plus, yoga. I miss good yoga instruction. We even took a picture with her afterward! That's my sometimes dance collaborator and hotel roommate Michelle on the right. I am wearing my new beloved Girl Walk // All Day inspired scarf.

Next: Elizabeth Strong. She was teaching Upper Egyptian Fusion, which included geography, history, culture, and duh, dancing. I knew a lot of the dance moves from studying with Joette, but I am ashamed to say I did not know as much of the culture / history / geography as I should. Revelation 1:  it would be good to be a well-informed and articulate speaker, as well as dancer.

New Idol: Donna Mejia. Her class was called Le Funk Araby, which I was attracted to for the promise of new playlists. But there was so much more! It was kind of a hip hop / pop and lock dance style, which means I am quite thankful there were no mirrors in the conference center to reflect my clueless-ness. For example, see this:

There's a long intro, skip to 2:15. I wore my wow face during her entire performance. She stopped time and held it at 5:40. And then sped it up at 7:15. How can a human do this? She can't. She's a goddess.

So, 3 classes in one day was a lot of dancing.... The next day I only had 2 classes.

Idolatress Extraordinaire: Tempest. I've taken a workshop with her before. Heck, I may have already heard some of this before. But it's an excellent reminder. Revelation 2: We are dancing to tell a story. It's not about looking sexy. (Also, Revelation 3: very sage belly advice - that avoiding performance until your belly looks the way you think it should is really just avoiding performance.) We did an exercise where we improvised to music and then told the group what we were imagining. I was kind of annoyed that my brain went into Hollywood pitch mode, "Goddess surveys the destruction of war in Sarajevo, meets cute boy. Scene!" whereas others had more details, or at least said them out loud. But I realized that I had used a similar approach (at least in my own head) when I was choreographing with Julee and Michelle for our trio at the Greek Fest, and that made me feel better.

Then, the athletic workout of Asharah! Seriously, two hours of shimmying on releve'. Ouch. But awesome ouch. I thought I had lost my shimmy, thanks to running and the IT band. But no, you can use your glutes. Thank goodness, as I reputedly have lots of glutes.

There were two shows. Friday night we saw our local tribal school dance (Boheme), which  was cool, and Saturday was the big gala craziness where Donna Mejia removed my brains and scrambled them, Tempest charmed them, and then Rachel Brice messed with the time-space continuum again and everyone was really awesome actually until Unmata killed me with this (again, from Tribal Fest, so different stage and audience, same performance). It's long and loud.

I know there's a lot of links here. But I want to share! It's an awesome world out there.

Lesson 2: Keep in touch. I had meals with some new friends, and some old friends, and it felt natural. No need to stress. Give love, get love, platitudes can be right.

I am sure the next 51 weekends will not compare, so I want to remember these things. I want to practice them. Happy half-year and summer.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have come to kill your kittens, or why awesome is unsustainable.

So, our friend Kelly (she is your friend, too) found kittens in her garage. Adorable kittens with names. Another friend insisted that they must be killed before they reproduce and create a feral kitten colony in Kelly's garage.

And this is where is I leave the MUST! / have to /  everyone-knows ____  religion of high-achievement and being the best you can be. Really? Killed?

Because sometimes the best you can be is = meh. (Not that there is any evidence of that above!!!)

Confession: I'm not always following my spirit guide. I'm not even using my "whole ass" (as opposed to my "half-ass"?). I'm doing the best I can with tools that were available at the time. I am not impressed with this effort either, but sometimes I am surprised by how much more that is than what is frequently "brought to the table".

I guess I'm apologizing. I should have written a book by now. I should have cured some diseases (or at least successfully fought off CANCER FOREVER!!!!). I should have been traveling the whole time and being an enviable elegant classy lady. I should be making a million dollars a year, living with my SOUL MATE! and flying a helicopter or something.

But, I love kittens. Kittens deserve a chance. I understand that feral cats have miserable lives, will overtake the neighborhood, pee on everything. Fluffy tabby kittens. Feral mangy black cats. Is there nothing in between?

So there. I said it. I am not always on. I am not even trying. I just want to be on when it's important, which is nearly a random occurrence. So you try to be the best you can on a regular basis, but you can't always be awesome. And that's okay. You go, kittens. I'm on my way, too.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Stream of Consciousness

Venus in Transit. Where did you go? What will you bring us? Such greedy, selfish children. But hey, that's what you get. I hope you bring us love. (I have enough snow globes for now. )

I will try to bring you love, too. Open your heart, I'll make you love me.  It's not that hard, if you just turn the key.

For some stupid reason (two beers) I was just trying to explain to co-workers why the term "soul-mate" gets under my skin. It's a lot of pressure, is most of it. SOUL MATE. Seriously? My soul is a serious thing. It's heavy, and soaking wet. You can't lift it. I can barely stand to carry it around myself. And if I have met my mate, he's kind of mad at me right now for not dropping everything. 

So I'll just keep searching. Because love is everywhere, and that's okay. But you gotta keep your heart open. Because there's a little boy waiting for you finish your shift at the peep show. And then you can skip off into the dusk, away from that old man yelling Italian after you. This is a metaphor for ______________.