Saturday, August 24, 2013


Sometimes, you gotta listen to yourself.

Giant ragweed growing in the yard. That can't be helping.

Things I would like to do today: bike show, mow lawn, organize something, party, bake a delicious treat for the party or make some fantastic vegetable dish, brew some tea, do my nails (fingers AND toes), read a magazine or 3, buy some peaches and blueberries before they're all gone, go on a long walk, practice some dancing, update my itunes so I can move beyond the 3 albums I bought in desperation, wash the dishes, begin the laundry, buy Kleenex and pick up prescription, go for a car ride to the beach for the sunset.

Things I will actually do today: shower, go to the party with a bag of chips, stay later than is advisable, buy some Kleenex.

Why are these lists so different? Why can't I just stay home and nap? I would rather do everything on the longer list than the shorter one, that's why. I like to be busy. No shame in that game.

But I feel like crap. Sniffles, crusty eyes, itchy itchy itchy. Dr. Liz diagnoses herself with allergies and a cold on top of that snot sundae, but is powerless to fix it or make it better except in the old fashioned way of naps and drinking lots of soothing water and tea. My Body agrees.

Party Liz is not a compliant patient, however, and still wants to do all this stuff, and try to look pretty doing it. Party Liz wants to, duh, party! Party Liz is slightly alarmed that Body Liz doesn't think being around other people will help, because sometimes it does. Body Liz is adamant - need more rest. Dr. Liz scolds, you'll just spread illness that way. Stay home.

So I guess Negotiator Liz needs to step in and tell the Body Liz that we'll get our rest, and reassure Party Liz that we'll do some of these things, but not all, and thank Dr. Liz for the diagnosis.

See? I would make a great diplomat. You just gotta listen.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer bucket list

In the summer, I become an even more unreliable blogger. I would like to say it's because I'm too busy doing summer, but sometimes it's because I'm just too busy. So I've been working on the summer bucket list so I don't waste too many opportunities to be there:

1. Read a book in a hammock. Jules asked me the most important question ("Do you have a hammock?") and the answer is yes. I do.

2. Every Sunday at the beach. Luckily, I consider summer over on September 21.

3. Wear the white cardigan, the circle skirt, the espadrilles, all the loose flowy things. T shirt and shorts are boring.

4. Eat all the peaches, right now.

5. Although I deleted the candy crushing monetizing phone game from my life, I did enjoy that time on the porch with the kitty after work. Reinstituting, before it's too cold to porch.

6. Have a summer BBQ.

I guess that makes August's project, enjoy August. So here we go!

What else am I missing?