Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SSCSC Week Two (Selfish Self-Care Selfie Challenge, duh!)

So, how's your challenge going?
A) What challenge?
B) About as well as yours, I'm guessing, you slacking blogger.
C) I don't like to be too challenged. Leave me alone.
D) Maybe you should just start writing open letters, Liz. Seriously. It's all the rage.

Blurry selfie with cat

Yeah, so it's been 15 or 16 days. I didn't want to freak anyone out with a speedy pace. But really, how is it going?

A little explanation, I guess. In case you don't follow my blog (ah ahahahahahaha....), I was trying to challenge you to take of yourself. I challenge you out of love, of course. And because I need a self-love ass-kicking too. The basic concept is, do the challenge, take a picture, post it somewhere (maybe somewhere I can see it?). It IS challenging, as you may notice from my lack of pictures.

But a new day, a new piece of paper, we can start over when we make up our rules, which is always, do not delude yourself.

So, here's the new ones.

1. Sit at a coffee shop / bar / cafe, and people watch. See if you can change people's behavior with your energy.
Funny, I was just reminiscing about the fun of study hall staring in high school. Pretty consistently, I could make a random student touch their neck or hair or fidget just by staring at the back of their head or neck. It's like magic. (Jerk magic, granted, but it's what I've got.)

2. Put together a new outfit.
TAKE A PICTURE. Shouldn't be that hard. Doesn't have to be new stuff. I totally believe that clothes control energy and self-image, so make it a good one.

3. Put your fork down between bites.
This sounds easy, but you might find yourself uncomfortable. Try and figure out why you would shovel in food that you're not paying any attention to.

4. Go to bed early.
I love my bed. Wait, why I am still awake right now? Since I generally need to be awake sooner than I would like, or when I sleep in I hate myself for missing half the morning, the best way to get more rest / beauty sleep / sex is to GO TO BED EARLY. Seriously, your parents are over your bedtime "rebellion". Just go to bed. You're not missing anything.

5. Spa day.
It doesn't have to be fancy. Wash your face with the nice soap, use the eye cream, self foot massage, whatever. It's okay to do nice things FOR YOURSELF. Sometimes I shock myself with my own self-cruelty. Savage flossing, rushing through the routines, repeatedly buying or using products that don't actually please you in any way... what is the point?

6. Nature walk.
Okay, so it can't all be about ourselves. Go out there (wherever that is for YOU) and connect with nature. Woods, beach, mountain, desert, whatever you got.

7. Organize your desk or bookshelf.
I find I can't think when I see clutter. Fix your thinking place for better thinking.

The rules again: Take a picture. Post it (I am on Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+. Don't pretend you don't know me.) Comment. Feedback!

That being said, the challengingest challenge last time for me was the dancing by myself. Oh, I did a lot of dancing. But it's not that fun to dance by yourself. I'll keep trying though.

It's all we can do?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Selfish Self Care Selfie Challenge (SSCSC)

I had so much fun doing the Sarah Jenks Live More Weigh Less Challenge that I decided to make my own and keep going. Indeed, selfishness is all the rage! Let's take care of ourselves before it's too late. And self portraits are so easy to take these days that it's the most obvious kind of of self-documentation we can do.

What are you signing up for? For what are you up signing? I can't imagine it will be more than 30 days. (Unless someone else wants to come up with challenges for a while.... mull that over.) Read the week's challenges. Take a picture of yourself performing each one. Post it on Instragram or Facebook or whatever it is the kids are doing these days, and put a comment on the blog so I can go look for it. If you're super smart, maybe you can even post it in the comments. I'm barely able to get picture posted on my own damn blog, for some reason, so I'll leave that to you geniuses.

First, a little about intent. I'm being a little ironic about the Selfish part of this challenge. It does feel selfish to take care of yourself sometimes, and which makes the whole concept of "Put on your own oxygen mask before you attempt to help other passengers" a necessary instruction. But you have to admit that sometimes it's true. When it feels like you can't change anything in the world, you can always change yourself.

My goal in helping myself is to build some accountability and respect (it seems when I ask myself WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?, it's frequently about respect). So you'll see a lot of challenges about food in here, because food / body / brain respect is toughie for some reason.

BLAH BLAH BLAH. What are the challenges, already?

1. Give someone a gift.
I stole this one from Sarah Jenks. It was the last challenge on her list, and I didn't get it done yet. Also, it's been in my work bag since July. But to get you over that "selfish" hump, be selfless and give it away first. Then get down.

2. Take care of your nails.
However you do that, because I know the dudes might not want red toenails. But I do. Or maybe sparkly silver....can I do plaid? Take a picture. Heck, you could put that mother on Pinterest and get a ton of shares!

3. Refuse food from a food pusher.
You know, that skinny Minnie at work with the donuts. The gross Hamburger Helper sample in the grocery store. Whatever gets pushed at you, that you don't want, you can say no.

4. Dance with yourself.
Make a choreography. Post it. (I don't expect anyone to do that.) But at least waltz around the kitchen with your toast.

5. Set the table (for a feast?).
Get some flowers, use a napkin. Take a picture. It helps you RESPECT the vittles.

6. Plan a meal.
Plan the next meal. Or a week of meals. Make sure you have the foods you like that make you feel like a superhero handy.

7. Plan a party.
It can be the smallest of soirees or a giant rave, I care not. I highly recommend implementing the plan (but don't forget to invite me!). I am also cheating, because I have a big party planned 7 days from now. So at least I'll have pictures.