Monday, June 15, 2015

Morning Pages ate my Blog

As with any "_________ ate my ________" excuse, this is probably not exactly true. But daily writing exercises do make daily blogging slightly less compelling. Add procrastination, perfectionism, and denial to the mix, and there go three months.

Lookit! It's gone. So, we start again. Morning pages, you are for warming up the pen. Rambling. Venting. Blog, you are for concise and logical public thoughts. 

I'm the one at the party, talking to no-one. 

But aren't all thoughts public these days, through all the social media platforms? I find myself trying to hide opinions more than not. I'd written a draft about the appalling public shaming that . daily. Today's news was about Jerry Seinfeld saying that college campus are too "P.C." for comedy these days, and he avoids them. Instead of considering whether this was a valid point, and the majority of the comments under the article either mocked him for not being edgy enough to have to worry about such things, or basically called him a has-been loser anyway who cares whatever. 

I still want to think about, well, is that a bad thing? Can you still be funny without being mean to someone? We know Jerry doesn't want to offend nice people ("Not that there's anything wrong with it!"), but he still wants to tell his version of the truth. Is that lame? Cruel? No longer modern? 

I'm sure a minority of those comments asked the questions, floated some theories about self-loathing being funnier now, punch-down comedy manifestos, etc. But it's so exhausting to dig through the black-and-white thinkers and the just listening-to-themselves-talk-narcissists to find the deeper thoughts. 

I guess I'm tired of thinking, too. Can't cough up 5 paragraphs once a week. Who am I to complain? No more complaining. Instead, I'm recommitting to the blog. Once a week. My vanilla thoughts, for you to consider. Namaste, bitches.