Friday, November 23, 2012

Big thoughts

It's darn near impossible to think big thoughts when you're using one finger on a tiny screen. But, I gotta try. Big thoughts are so much more embarrassing than the tiny ones. Stating that you want to end world war or reform mean people everywhere.. I don 't even have to finish the sentence for you to see what I mean.

But it really can't all be about me getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet, or organizing the craft room. As usual, it neither and both. I think that sometimes, even though I can barely think about it without shame, I don't believe that one person can make a difference. There's always surroundings and supporters. I am probably a supporter, and that's fine because I need my sleep.

So I did have one breakthrough thought. I've been reading for years about trusting your gut and intuition. And yet I still can't trust my literal guts to pick out healthy food. So that's my holiday strategy. I am going to eat what I want (but no more). Pretty easy to do so far, since I came down with food poisoning 24 hours ago. I am stuffed with crackers, applesauce and Sprite. Fantastic.

I mean, it's kind of obvious that the meaning of life is love. We still have to figure out how to make it happen.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tiny thoughts

Gratitude - I really miss my laptop and therefore the ability to write a sentence longer than this with punctuation. I miss commas. And dashes. Parentheses. Semicolon. Grateful for all your skills I'm organizing my words.

Meditation - it's coming along. Trying not to be too literal about it (must be in lotus position, om, etc.) is the hardest part. Perhaps I am defining it too loosely for some, but they can carry on their own way. This is mine. I count laying in bed and labeling thoughts, walking, space-outs followed by 3 or more deep breaths.

Nanowrimo - it's national novel writing month. You'll have to google it, because I am too lazy to figure out how to post a link from my phone. I tried in 2010, but without a burning desire and a way to type faster than this baloney, it would be insane to even try. So I am writing a poem a day instead. No, you won't have to read them, so relax. In my little notebook with a pen. Very fulfilling so far.

So yes, I have added to my daily guilt routine. Every day, I shower, work, eat, putter, meditate, scribble. That's the "whiz" I seek - a routine for happiness. I will just keep adjusting the straps until it's comfortable. It seems like there should be more, though.