Monday, May 16, 2011

365 projects

No, really, I think I might have 365 projects going at once. Which is how I ADD roll, I supposed.
1. Job contains 365 projects within itself.
2. Running
3. Belly dancing
4. Gardening. Another 365 different projects
5. Knitting a sweater.
6. But would like to crochet something quick and fun in between...
7. Watching Treme, behind 2 episodes
8. Eating food, but less of it
9. Need to make belly dance costume decisions. Belly out? Or covered?
10. Movies must be seen.
11. Bikes need riding too.
12. Oh, speaking of belly dance costumes, I need new sandals. Flat, black sandals that won't slide around when dancing. Where are those kept?
13. I have to unpack my sandals and put away boots.
14. Fridge needs cleaning.
15. Devising an archival storage system for flyers and posters we have saved over time.
16. Also, would like to get back into photography. Scavenger hunt on flickr.
17. And photo journal of 365 grateful. Yep.
18. Must seed lawn. But should mow it first.
19. I would like to read a book. Any book. That one right there looks good.
20. Also, new magazines came in the mail.
21. Put away laundry.
22. Drop off bag at Goodwill. Do not bring home new things from Goodwill.
23. I need to stretch my IT band a little.
24. I would really like to make some cookies for co-workers soon.
25. Mmm pasta. Need to go to grocery store.
26. And buy laundry soap. Laundry is never done.
27. Dammit, I should have had children 5 years ago.
28. I should be writing a novel.
29. Or a poem.
30. I never wished my brother a happy birthday last week. I can only make up for it by baking now.
31. Oh, and I need to email the CSA guy.
32. I did sort of get my brother a present. I need to email that guy too.
33. I need to back-up my blackberry, now that I think about it.
34. Pay bills.
35. Face is dry. Moisturize.
36. I wanted to paint my nails, but that makes 33 of the above impossible to do at the same time.
37. Gah! Birthday presents, how could I forget? I need to map out Lindsey's plan-your-own-adventure girl's night.
38. Moisturize hands, too.
39. And file that square middle finger nail.
40. Why are my nails suddenly peeling? I need to make a dentist appointment.
41. And an endocrinologist appointment. They sent a reminder.
42. At least I have a hair appointment tomorrow. It's driving me crazy.
43. I should take some before and after photos. Is it on the scavenger hunt? No.
44. Orchid needs droopy flower removed.
45. I should probably water and feed and re pot all houseplants now.
46. Cat needs feeding.
47. And cat box cleaning.
48. And snuggling.
49. And a new filter for his fountain.
50. Moisturize hands.
51. Take out contacts and go to bed.
52. I need to buy new glasses though, so that makes it hard to read.
53. I quit.