Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving FAIL

Well, my attempts to undermine the dominant turkey paradigm are crumbling as we speak.

I suppose it was kind of selfish of me to try to get out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Although, it felt like self care at the time.

You see, last year my husband and I were struck by a sudden bout of food poisoning a few hours after the big feast. (Of course, we were at a social event at the time. Sudden onset projectile vomiting. Horrifying.) No, it wasn't due to the feast, but the food products involved don't quite seem appetizing yet.

This year as it turned out, my favorite guests would be traveling out of town. It seemed like a good time to try a new tradition. I visualized volunteering somewhere, then eating something simple (non-turkey based) with a small group of family at home.

But you can't just quit the holidays. People expect the usual. And my poor brother, who had done nothing wrong, didn't have an invite anywhere else. Volunteering is apparently pretty popular idea on Thanksgiving, and my top pick doesn't need me. More orphans wandered into view.

But I think I can still do it. I think I can take care of myself, take care of others, and not barf. This is not rocket science. It's THANKSGIVING. I am going to make some phone calls tomorrow, pick up a turkey breast (I already bought the brussels sprouts and and sweet potatoes), and punch my imaginary Martha Stewart in the face. If somebody wants pumpkin pie, they'll have to bring their own, because that makes me the queasiest to remember. But it could never be as bad as last year. If it's bad, it will be a 2013 kind of horrible.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SSCSC Fortnight 3: Do it for me, says you.

So, it's taking 2 weeks to do 7 things. That's okay. And you will notice a dearth of pictures, which I will blame on greedy Google, who wanted all the pictures on my phone automatically and as soon as they were taken, and I said no, and now I can't figure out how to share them on my own schedule.

But really, HOW DID IT GO? Did you try any self-care challenges (The SSCSC stands for something, you know - Selfish Self Care Selfie Challenge.)  Did you take yourself to lunch at the coffee shop and end up sitting next to some sort of weird evangelist, and need to hoist up an energy field to keep him from trying to save you? Did you maybe take the new outfit thing a little too far and buy 3 tops, 2 pairs of pants and a purse? Did you not only put your fork down, but on the advice of the Foodist, you starting counting your chews for a whole new OCD eating experience? Because, if you did, you might have been a little scared, but in the end, you might have learned something. And if it felt good, it could be a good new way to take care of yourself.

So, this is the last time I'm going to post challenges. The busy season begins soon. (You know. Holidays. Obligations. Nesting.) The days are shorter. Slow down, and pat yourself on the back. It's a gift for yourself that benefits others. That's what I keep telling myself.

1. Plan a girls night. Or a boys night.
Before it gets too busy, go out with your pals and get all the gossip. Or start some gossip, whatever floats your proverbial boat.

2. Read a trashy magazine.
I like a fashion mag, personally.

3. Rip out a page from said magazine and start a vision collage.
You know how sometimes an image just speaks to you and you don't know why yet? I'm going to paste mine on a piece of cardboard or something and see what happens. Perhaps I'll end up with Corgis wearing opal necklaces chewing on my batik bedding and dragging it through my pristine white subway tiled kitchen. Perhaps I'll get angry and burn it and accept my completely opposite life (an extremely respectful Siamese cat who does not wear jewelry, but enjoys floral bedding and cluttered tiny kitchens with folk art...). But I'm a visual learner, and I need to see the pictures.

4. Take a new exercise adventure.
I'm scoping out some Zumba classes.

5. Find a new lunch recipe.
Maybe a whole grain salad! Or super delicious soup.

6. Create some art about this lunch.
Could be a poem, drawing, photo, song, I don't know. Inspired by lunch! What could be more filling?

7. Pay a debt.
Doesn't need to be with money, either. You owe somebody something, somewhere. Pay it back.

So, that's it for now. Oh, I have a list of more challenges. And I am having fun with it, by myself. But it'd be more fun with you. Perhaps this old hat, treading water, nothing new in your world. I'd love to hear about your experiences, too. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Go to bed early

Now that the time has changed, it's no big deal. But here's me, in the bed at 8:40 pm on Halloween night. (With a book that I finished at 10:15, but never mind that). 

Sleep is so fantastic for every aspect of health. Why not treat yourself and GO TO BED ALREADY??