Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breakfast of smiles.

Breakfast of smiles., originally uploaded by wizzybit.

Time to get back on track again. It's so easy to space out and just eat everything in sight, and still want more. So I've been trying to make more food at home, because it is generally tastier. And presumably healthier.

The gardening is hard work and hard on my body, and I want to be able to reap some sort of benefit from it. You know, weight loss. Sorry. Girl brain. But I am proud of myself for the progress I've made. I'm not afraid of snakes. I'm not afraid of bugs. I can lift a big rototiller into a truck with help. I can work for 10 hours and still do things in the evening.

I might be ready for an office job, though. I saw one sentence (in a magazine at the yoga studio, waiting for belly dance class to begin) that sums it all up. You are who you are, not what you "do".