Saturday, January 2, 2016

Annual review in preparation for the infamous Word of the Year

In my quest to "find wiz", I have long used the Chris Guillebeau annual review approach. But last year, instead of a goal or a phrase, I was able to narrow it down to a sound (that, yes, means two different things, but still, talk about simple!) via the Christine Kane worksheet. So this year, I'm going to steal the best aspects of both for the ultimate in goal setting exercises.

Step 1 has to be the annual review, it seems. I can't go forward unless I look back.

What went well? 
I do think the dance projects went well. I was able to attend one big dance festival, an intensive, and several really good workshops. Seriously, Kaeshi Chai, Sonia Ochoa, Tribal Revolution with Zoe Jakes and Jill Parker, and then MORE Jill Parker in my hometown plus an intensive with Deb Rubin?! It was an amazing line up that I couldn't have wished for realistically.  But it really did happen. And I think that's why my holiday hafla solo went so well this year. So much amazing inspiration and training.

The career is going well, too. I'm finding my voice and learning when to use it.

And the voice, literally. After a virus wiped out half of my vocal cords, the speech rehab opened my mind about training and how important breath is to something you do every day, "naturally". Now, to remember to use my skills.

What could have gone better?
Alas, I fear 2015 will be remembered as a very sad, lonely year in my heart. But in my loneliness, I did discover the support of real friends. That's not an entirely bad thing, but definitely a little bittersweet. And that I could do "it" myself, whatever that project might be.

So did the word of the year work? How did Aw/Awe shape 2015 for me? Looking for tiny beautiful things and being amazed by them can carry you perhaps not that far, but smoothly and strongly.

Coming next: The Word of 2016.